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Join our global student body and choose from 170 courses that will help you grow in your faith and understanding of the Bible.

We offer a variety of individual courses geared to a wide range of learners, no matter your current level of biblical or theological education.

It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in taking a course or two to deepen your faith and increase your understanding of the Bible, or you are a leader looking to equip yourself to serve in a Church, ministry, or organization setting.

Free Courses

All of our courses are available at no cost in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Apologetics, Christian Counseling, Church History, Ministry Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Systematic Theology, Worldview and Ethics, and World Missions.

Premium Courses

For a nominal cost, over 170 courses are available to be taken in a Premium Study Option. When you complete all course requirements, you will receive a downloadable certificate of completion so that you can proudly document your achievement.


Many of our courses are also available for purchase in various formats which allow the learner to access our learning resources in almost any digital environment, even without an internet connection.

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