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Why is Life Unfair?

Isn’t it interesting how we define fairness in life? We see life as being fair only when it works out the way we think it should–with our best interests in mind. But we often don’t consider how God has defined our best interests in the moment. Rather than writing Him off when things don’t go our way, maybe we need to listen for what good thing He’s up to that we just don’t understand yet.



How Do I Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt Me?

Forgiveness is a necessity for any meaningful relationship to last for more than a day. The reason is because we are so poor at loving well. Forgiving those who hurt us for the pain that we can’t forget is part of the ongoing gift of grace in relationships. But forgiveness is not just a verbal proclamation; it’s an on-going process of restoration



Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?

Someone once said that there was no such thing as an unanswered prayer; just prayers that God answered differently than what we’d requested of Him. God always answers prayers in the way that He knows is best, not in the way that we think is best. It’s up to us to learn to trust His heart more fully even when we don’t understand His answers.



Why is My Life So Hard?

Life is hard. Suffering and struggle are normal in a fallen world as fallen people who simply are not home yet. The real question isn’t whether or not you will struggle. That’s a given. But the core question is how will you struggle? Will you struggle well? Or will you struggle poorly?



If God Is So Good, Why Are Things Such A Mess In The World?

In light of all the chaos, pain, sorrow, and evil in the world, many people of faith and those without faith question the reality of a good God who would allow for such a mess to go on. Either He’s good but not really powerful enough to make a difference, or he’s powerful enough but just doesn’t care all that much. Who is He and what’s He up to in a world that seems so flawed and broken?



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