Lehman Strauss, Litt.D. Legacy Professor

Dr. Lehman Strauss is the former Professor of Old Testament at the Philadelphia Bible Institute in Philadelphia, PA. He earned a Diploma in Bible from the Philadelphia School of the Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University) and a B.A. from The King’s College in New Castle, Delaware (now located in New York City). He also received a Litt.D. from F.R.G.S. for his auspicious career and multiple contributions to greater academia.

Recognized nationally as an expert teacher and fiery preacher, Dr. Lehman Strauss left an indelible impact on the students he taught and the congregations he led. The son of a Jewish German immigrant father and a Pennsylvanian mother, Dr. Strauss was raised in a secular home and dropped out of school when he was only 13. Apathetic toward anything religious, he spent his early teens chasing after worldly pleasures. However, his life changed when his future wife, a fervent follower of Christ, invited him to church events, purchased him a Scofield Reference Bible, and, on Christmas Day in 1927, led him to Christ. Married two years later, the couple began a 60-year journey of serving the Lord together. A few years after their first son Richard was born in 1933, Dr. Strauss enrolled in the Philadelphia School of the Bible to learn more about the Scriptures. After graduating with honors, Dr. Strauss accepted his first pastorate at Calvary Baptist Church in Bristol, Pennsylvania, where he served from 1939–1957. Dr. Strauss continued studying, and after earning his GED and completing his college degree, he became a Professor of Old Testament Studies for the Philadelphia Bible Institute, a position he held for 8 years. He then became the Senior Pastor of High Park Baptist Church in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan (1957–1963). By this time, Dr. Strauss’ reputation as a biblical scholar and gifted evangelist had grown nationally. Thus, in 1963, he resigned his pastorate to become an itinerant preacher and radio teacher. Over the next 34 years, he would travel throughout the United States as a Bible conference speaker and internationally as a guest lecturer including multiple trips to the United Kingdom and Japan.

In addition to his work as a professor and pastor, Dr. Strauss was known for being a radio celebrity. For two decades, his weekly show “Bible Study Time,” reached an audience around the globe. Focused on a concise exposition of God’s Word, the show is still broadcast on radio stations in Korea and other countries around the world. Dr. Strauss also served Word of Life Ministry where he instructed and trained believers in evangelism, broke down the individual books of the Bible, and provided practical applications for the Christian faith. Likewise, his evangelistic ministry touched the lives of countless leaders including author Warren Wiersbe. Wiersbe noted, “He and I were often in conferences together, and his ministry spoke to my heart.”

Dr. Strauss was also a prolific writer who penned 18 books. Among the works he wrote are In God’s Waiting Room: Learning Through Suffering, The Book of Revelation, The Prophecies of Daniel, and Sense and Nonsense About Prayer. At the age of 86, he was working on his 19th book when he passed away in Florida. His sermons can be heard today at Voices for Christ Ministries.

Courses Taught

The Prophecies of Daniel