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Bruce Wilkinson, DD

Bruce Wilkinson has consistently served as an agent of reconciliation over his extended international ministry. Early in his life, he learned the power of forgiveness as the necessary first step to reconciliation and restored relationships and has taken those truths around the world. Through the principles of forgiveness taught in the life-changing 70X7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself course by Teach Every Nation, Dr. Wilkinson helps parents reconcile with their children and grandchildren, husbands with their wives, local churches on the verge of splitting find peace and unity, and even helped conflicting denominations find unity without compromise. Key leaders of one African nation brought him to restore national peace between white farmers and the black workers which was announced as successful by the nation’s president on national TV and radio. He led over 6,000 warring Ugandans from various tribes to find healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation in a weeklong leadership conference. In South Africa, He brought reconciliation between various reformed and Pentecostal pastors and leaders. These powerful principles in the course and in his popular book, How to Forgive Others and Yourself, have already helped tens of thousands to forgive and find much-needed peace.

Courses Taught

70X7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others...And Yourself
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