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Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope will help you. If you find that your question was not resolved, please feel free to contact us directly.

General Course Questions

Our ministry was founded in February 1998 as a subsidiary of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in the USA, with the mission of reaching students worldwide with affordable and accessible Christian learning opportunities. We became a subsidiary of Our Daily Bread Ministries (formerly RBC Ministries), publishers of the Our Daily Bread devotional, in October 2002 and began offering Christian training at no cost to the student. Our desire is to use our courses to extend the spiritual growth and formation of all of our devotional readers and also provide needed training for pastors and church leaders globally through our catalog of 160 courses - all available without cost or obligation.

It is designed for those with little biblical and theological background, and for pastors and church leaders who have been called to pastor or lead in a local context. Though the series is called "basic" it is quite comprehensive. The eight courses in this series are designed by Sid Buzzell, PhD, our academic dean, who has taught at a number of seminaries and specializes in content design and learning outcomes. Dr. Buzzell includes a Listening Guide with each lecture that allows further interaction with the content so that the student can not only comprehend but also apply the teaching. In addition, each course in the series includes a step-by-step Leader Guide, making it an ideal solution for adult education or small group settings. The series can be accessed at this webpage.

We have secured leading scholars and communicators in their respective disciplines and captured their teaching in multiple digital formats. This allows for delivery not only over the Internet in audio, video or text format, but also over developing digital technologies. Our 160-course database, developed over the past twenty years, includes not only courses in our Basics series, but also Intermediate and Advanced-level courses. Many of our courses are also available in multiple languages.

We have a commitment to offer our courses and materials free of charge. For those who want to have their work validated and receive a Certificate of Completion, there is a small charge for that service. You can learn more about the Certificate option here.

Our Daily Bread University studies are not designed for college or university credit. However, if you are interested in earning continuing education credits, you can do so through our sister ministry, Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN). If you take the courses through CUGN, your course work will be validated. Those courses are accepted by many institutions of higher education.

All courses are self-assessed and self-monitored. We are unable to provide instructor feedback for the work you complete at Our Daily Bread University. This is due to the large number of students in our courses, which are offered as a free service.

All content on this site ( and purchased from this site ( is produced for Our Daily Bread University and is copyrighted by Christian University GlobalNet and Our Daily Bread Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan. All audio rights are reserved worldwide. No part of the material purchased may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Christian University GlobalNet. The lecturers hold exclusive publication rights to all of the intellectual materials produced for Our Daily Bread University.

Click on this link to learn how to Get Started. This page will give you detailed instructions on how you can begin your studies with Our Daily Bread University.

The courses at Our Daily Bread University do not require the purchase of additional resources. Certain courses, however, may suggest the purchase of a textbook(s) or other materials in order to enhance the learning process. For all courses, the textbook is a helpful supplement to your learning, but is not required. Please see the course syllabus for more information.

All courses at Our Daily Bread University are only available for free via the Web. The higher 300-500-level courses are available in direct download, MP3 CD, CDSET or DVD format. Please do not request print versions of the courses, as they do not exist at this time. If you are on a slower internet connection that cannot play our teaching videos, you may still benefit from the courses by printing and reading the transcripts provided for most lessons. The transcripts are provided in Acrobat (pdf) formats. You will find them by going to the course and following the lesson activities.

We take your comments and suggestions seriously. If you use our Contact Us form, be assured that all comments are read and, where appropriate, acted upon.

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