Your gift changes lives.

Many pastors across the world desire to better understand the Bible and the Christian faith so they can effectively teach the members of their churches, but they lack access to biblical training. To meet this need, we have put together flash drives containing eight biblical training courses to be distributed for free.

Who uses the flash drives?

Flash drives have been selectively distributed to pastors and leaders who will benefit from the courses in Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Singapore. The flash drives are very much appreciated.

What’s on the flash drive?

Each flash drive contains eight biblical training courses. Click the image to explore the flash drive.

How will my donation be used?

Every dollar received will help sponsor the distribution of flash drives and the development of new courses that will train pastors in the Word of God. Thank you for joining us in making the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to people of all nations!

Your donation can help transform people, churches and communities. We can help by making biblical education accessible around the world. Thank you for prayerfully helping us spread God’s Word.

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