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Apologetic Basics is designed to provide a foundational understanding of what Christian Apologetics is and why it is important to practice. According to 1 Peter 3:15, all believers are called to defend the faith they hold dear. This course will examine that call and seek to provide basic answers to the major questions that are commonly raised against the Christian faith.

  • Lesson 1 | Introduction to Christian Apologetics
  • Lesson 2 | The Question of God’s Existence
  • Lesson 3 | The Question of the Reliability of the Bible
  • Lesson 4 | The Question of the Resurrection of Christ
  • Lesson 5 | The Question of Hypocrisy in the Church
  • Lesson 6 | The Question of the Fine-tuning of the Universe — Forthcoming
  • Lesson 7 | The Question of Evil & Suffering in the World — Forthcoming
  • Lesson 8 | Next Steps in Growing in Your Understanding of Christian Apologetics — Forthcoming

Number of lessons 5 | Average Lesson Length: 15 minutes

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