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Give, Save & Spend: Finances God's Way

This six-week study is designed for those interested in a biblical approach to finances. Students will explore God's perspective on managing money and possessions, engaging in many practical applications for handling finances that are at the heart of a variety of financial matters.

We deeply appreciate the provision of these course materials from Compass—Finances God’s Way. If you have an…


Group Dynamics

How is it that some groups seem to relate well together, work well together, and think well together when there are groups that just don’t seem to connect at all? Without feeling connected, people may participate in our ministry groups, but will they be changed as a result? As a leader, making a strong connection possible means to stop doing…


Galatians - 1 Corinthians: Paul’s Earliest Letters

The New Testament epistles to the Galatians and Thessalonians are Paul’s earliest preserved letters.  In them, he began to lay a theological and behavioral foundation for Christian belief and conduct.  This course, Galatians - 1 Corinthians: Paul’s Earliest Letters, surveys these early writings.


Genesis – Leviticus: God Builds a People For Himself

Genesis - Leviticus: God Builds a People for Himself tells the story of Israel’s roots. From the creation of all things to the creation of Israel as a nation at Sinai, this course studies God’s process of building a nation to represent Him on earth. It is the foundation for understanding the struggles and triumphs of the relationship between God…


Guide to Research Writing

This course teaches the basic research and writing skills that are necessary for clear and accurate written communication. The goal is to prepare graduate and undergraduate students for research projects and thesis requirements in academic environments. The course includes five lectures on topics including selecting a topic, conducting research, citing sources, ethics and legalities, and, finally, proofreading and publishing. These…


Growing in The Faith

This course takes an in-depth look at what it means to follow Christ while learning how to study His words on being a disciple.

We deeply appreciate the provision of these course materials from Urban Youth Workers Institute. If you have interest in their ministry please visit

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