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Would you like something to show for the hard work you did to complete a course? For a small fee, you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion when you complete the course requirements so that you can proudly document your achievement.
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    • Sign up for individual courses. Individual courses run $20, $40, or $60 per course depending on the level of course. You will have access to your course for three or six months depending on the level and will receive a Certificate of Completion after you’ve completed all course objectives.

    • NEW! Sign up for a course series and receive 30 percent off the regular cost. We offer a variety of series that cover multiple topics such as Biblical Studies, Theology, and Church Leadership. All series courses are available to you for six or twelve months (depending on the series), and you will receive a Certificate of Completion after you finish each course.

    • NEW! Sign up for a monthly subscription. This allows you unlimited access to all the courses based on which subscription you sign up for. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after you finish each course.

Please note: Though you will earn a certificate of completion for these courses, you will not receive academic credit or CEUs.