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Biblical Themes

Biblical Themes

Video Series created and provided by The Bible Project.


Exile is one of the core, yet often overlooked, themes underlying the entire Biblical storyline. In this video, we'll see how Israel's exile to Babylon is a picture of all humanity's exile…

Wisdom Series

Wisdom Series

Video Series created and provided by The Bible Project.


This book is the accumulation of wisdom from generations of godly insightful people. It promotes a life of virtue and “fear of the Lord,” so that you can truly experience the good…

The Gospel Series

The Gospel Series

Video Series created and provided by The Bible Project.

Acts Ch. 8-12

Our new video on Acts Ch. 8-12 explores how God’s Spirit transformed Jesus’ followers from a small collective of messianic Jews in Jerusalem, into a multi-ethnic movement that quickly…

How to Read The Bible

How to Read The Bible

Video Series created and provided by The Bible Project.

Metaphor in Biblical Poetry

Understanding how metaphors are used in the Bible is an essential tool for reading biblical poetry. Anytime someone describes one thing to describe another thing, they…

Scripture Overview

These lectures provided by our friends at The Gospel Coalition.

The God Who Is There – D. A. Carson

Part 1. The God Who Made Everything

Don Carson introduces the 14-part series "The God Who Is There" and then explains Genesis 1-2.

Part 2. The God Who Does Not Wipe Out Rebels

Don Carson explains Genesis 3.

Part 3. The God Who Writes…


Evangelism Resources

Helpful evangelism resources have been curated by Christianity Today Magazine and are described here.

The Story | View

I Am Second | View

Christianity Explored | View

The God Test | View

Evangelism Explosion | View

Explore God Video Series – from Explore God and QPlace | View

Bible Illustrations

Illustrated Bible Book Summaries

Illustrations of the Bible Books from The Bible Project.

Old Testament Overview | Download

Genesis | Download

Exodus | Download

Leviticus | Download

Numbers | Download

Deuteronomy | Download

Joshua | Download

Judges | Download

Ruth | Download

Samuel | Download

Kings | Download

The Chronicles | Download

Ezra-Nehemiah | Download

Esther | Download

Job | Download

Psalms | Download

Proverbs | Download

Ecclesiastes | Download

Song of Songs | Download

Isaiah | Download

Jeremiah |…


These audio collections are from Our Daily Bread Ministries', Discover the Word daily program. For more audio selections, see

Discover the Word

Misunderstood Bible Passages | Listen

Your Work Matters to God | Listen

Decision Making by the Book | Listen

Explore the Bible for Yourself | Listen

The Prayer Coin | Listen

God Is Able | Listen

The Wisdom of Solomon | Listen

Patterns of this…


These video collections are from Our Daily Bread Ministries', Day of Discovery Video ministry. For more video selections, see

Tough Questions

The Search for Meaning with Os Guinness | Watch

The Search for Meaning: Science and God | Watch

Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? | Not available at this time

What Jesus Said About Suffering | Watch

The Bible: Why Does It Endure? |…

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