The first of these is The Book of Job and is taught by Leon J. Wood, Ph.D.

Twenty-four 28-minutes lectures

Course description: Is God too weak to stop suffering? Does God not care about my situation? In a world full of sin, pain and hardship remain daily realities. Dr. Wood retells the story of Job and the struggles he endured. You will examine Job’s tumultuous life and the various responses to his suffering given by his friends and family. Ultimately, Job learns to praise God no matter what his circumstance. Despite Satan’s attempts to thwart the plans of God, the Lord remains sovereign over all.

The second is The Epistle of James and is taught by Stuart E. Lease, D.D.

Twelve 28-minute lectures

Course Description: Written to offer encouragement to those facing trials, James’ rich message has long stimulated in-depth study. You will begin with an overview of epistles in general before examining the historical background to the epistle of James. You will then go through a line-by-line exegesis of the text’s teaching, culminating with the privilege of intercession for others and showing why we should rejoice in our trials knowing that God is molding us for His greater purpose.

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