Theology Essentials

Theology can be intimidating for beginners. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the diversity of opinions and sheer volume of information to comprehend. This series will help you establish a foundation of concepts and terminology on which to build your theological framework. Learn how to interpret and apply Scripture as you dive into the foundations of biblical theology and systematic…

Old Testament Survey

You will get a big-picture understanding of the Old Testament in this series of twelve short courses. These courses examine the creation of Israel as a nation and God’s process of building that nation to represent Him on earth. Dr. Douglas Stuart lays the foundation for understanding the struggles and triumphs of the relationship between God and Israel. He also…

New Testament Survey

This series of twelve short courses provides a survey of the New Testament. You’ll cover vital information regarding the birth and ministry of Jesus, the ministry of the disciples, the background and context of the New Testament books, and the growth of the early church. Scripture is the primary focus of these studies, but the courses also provide an important…

Christian Leadership Development

These Ministry Leadership courses equip you to lead within your existing church or organization and to integrate your faith in the workplace. You’ll cover transformational leadership development, public speaking, identifying enemies of a growing church, developing problem-solving strategies, and effectively leading multicultural communities. The instructors are top educators that include John Trent, Rodney Cox, Haddon W. Robinson, Sid Buzzell, Floyd…

Expository Preaching

Preaching is the primary way God has appointed for the teaching of the truths of His Word. When it’s done well, preaching honors God, expounds the Bible, and equips its hearers for spiritual growth and fruitful ministry. In this series, you’ll first learn to interpret biblical texts with skill and accuracy, and then you’ll engage in deeper studies of both…

Urban Youth Discipleship

This is a series of courses designed for youth workers to share with youth to spark spiritual conversations. These six courses provide a structured way to present the gospel to youth and provide ongoing discussions and teaching to disciple and mentor them through their initial growth as a new believer. The lessons show new believers how to share their newfound faith…

Discipleship ToolKit Series

Finding the Plot: A Primer for Youth Workers - Introduction Videos

In The Beginning


The big question being asked today is, Does God really exist? He not only exists, but He also wants to be engaged in your life.

You can also view or download the introduction transcript here.



Our Saving Faith


The gospel message is the only message…

Defending Our Faith

This course will guide you in ways to defend your faith while expressing God’s love toward those who oppose you. The emphasis is not on “winning the argument” but on planting seeds of the gospel in your conversations. First Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope…


Living out Our Faith

How do you live out your faith in your everyday life? God calls you to live a life that obeys the words of Jesus Christ. This course will show you how to continue to grow in your faith and to live out your faith in every area of your life.