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Thank you. I heard very good things about this site. I’m so glad people are offering a study of my precious Father. Thank you for doing His work.

I have to say you are FANTASTIC. This is the best site I’ve ever seen in my whole life! I’ve been…

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Welcome to Our New Web Site! has a new look! We are excited to launch a newly designed version of, and hope that it will continue to be a valuable resource to your study of God and His word. You will still find over 40 free courses, and many Certificate courses available for a nominal amount (most are $40 USD).

In addition to the…

Our Daily Bread Christian University

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Foundations of Spiritual Formation II: The Disciplines of Life

Legacy Lecture Series

How is spirituality formed both in private and in community? This course explores the meaning of biblical Christianity and its relation to faith and practice, giving special attention to spiritual formation through prayer, meditation, and personal disciplines. The lectures form a paradigm of spiritual growth and maturity that will affect both the individual and the church.


Foundations of Spiritual Formation I: The Work of the Spirit

Legacy Lecture Series

Spiritual formation is a topic of discussion in many circles. We all long for intimacy with God, but how is spiritual growth and maturity developed? What are the dynamics in which God most often works in the heart of believers to make them like His Son, Jesus Christ? In this seminar, Dr. Richard Averbeck addresses these and other questions in…


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Would you like to understand the Bible better? Start your studies in our Old Testament and New Testament Survey courses! Work your way through 2 courses per month and you can get through the entire Bible in 2011. Start today!